Baptism is available for babies, children, adolescents and adults. In baptism for babies and children, parents give thanks to God for  their child and start their child on their journey of faith. While godparents, promise to help and support the child’s journey with Jesus. The church members also promise to welcome the child into the local and worldwide Christian family to pray for their family. Baptism is the start of a lifelong journey of faith and an affirmation of one’s belief in Jesus.

Baptism is also available for adolescents and adults.  Full immersion baptism is available which may add to the significance of the baptism and the commitment and promises made to God.

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A Christian funeral provides the opportunity for family and friends to both express their grief and to celebrate the life of someone they have loved and who has completed their life’s journey in this world. Grief needs both time and care to heal. The funeral helps in this process, by allowing people to share their loss, give thanks for the life of their loved one who has died, and make their personal farewells.

A Christian funeral proclaims the hope we have in the face of death – Jesus Christ – whose own resurrection is the promise of our own.


Marriage isn’t a ring worn or a paper signed. It is not something endured but rather savoured. It is the union of two hearts beating as one. Each that would sacrifice for the other’s happiness and wellbeing. Marriage is a sign of a life-long partnership, which brings about a growing and deepening knowledge and love for each other. Marriage is something so beautiful that in the natural world it would be an opening rose, always with radiant petals left to unfurl to a warm sun. Marriage is the blessing we give to one another, an eternal bonding of two people who love and commit to each other, above all others.


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